Having played a great show just yesterday, I’m worn out. But It’s been a great week. How about you?

Let’s take a quick look back at this last week so you know what’s new here at TME.

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How to Make a Killer Set ListHow to Make a Killer Set List

Looking to put together a set list that will “wow” your audience? This article contains a lot of great tips on how to make this happen.

How to Budget for Your Music CareerHow to Budget for Your Music Career

New to the business of music? Here’s an essential guide for budgeting in your music career. And no, it’s not just an article about crowdfunding (in fact, I don’t think I even mentioned crowdfunding).

New Guides at Music Industry How To

If you’d like to gain access to all the full-length guides at Music Industry How To – and there are plenty of them, not just by yours truly – just follow the provided link. And no, you won’t find this content anywhere on TME.

The Latest Guides on Music Industry How ToHow To Get Sponsorship For Musicians, Whether Corporate, Clothing Or Other

Interested in making some extra money as a musician? Want to get the most leverage out of every show you play? This guide discusses how you can get sponsored.

The Latest Guides on Music Industry How To6 Practice Habits Every Guitarist Should Master

Looking to progress as a guitarist? Then start making these habits a part of your practice routine.

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