Hard to believe WordCamp is only two weeks away.

I’m frantically working on my slides and preparing my talk.

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Here’s what I’ve been up to.

The Music Entrepreneur HQ Featured Stories

042 – How to Earn Money from Affiliate Marketing for Musicians042 – How to Earn Money from Affiliate Marketing for Musicians

Looking to diversify your income sources as a musician? Then you’ll love this podcast episode. Find out what affiliate marketing is, and how you can start earning commissions.

6 Tips for Promoting Your Music on Social Media6 Tips for Promoting Your Music on Social Media

A great guest post via Erika Lizeth. I agree with practically all tips shared in this post. Learn to promote your music like a pro.

Using Your Power Featured Stories

Using Your Power is a cool podcast I work on with Maveen Kaura of Discover Your Life Today, and I think you’ll like it. Here are the latest episodes.

043 – Where to Learn About Marketing043 – Where to Learn About Marketing

There is a ton of information out there about marketing. But not all of it is that great. So, who do you turn to when you’re trying to figure out the science and art of marketing? We have some tips to share with you.

044 – How to Become Consistent Working Towards Your Goals044 – How to Become Consistent Working Towards Your Goals

Do you feel like there isn’t enough time in the day? Are you constantly being distracted by texts, alerts, emails, family obligations, and other noise? In this episode of Using Your Power, we share how you can remain consistent on your journey to achieving your goals.

Featured Product

Introduction to Online Business Made SimpleIntroduction to Online Business Made Simple

I put together this new audio course with my co-host from Using Your Power, Maveen Kaura. The six modules help you find your footing in the sometimes confusing and intimidating world of online business. Ever wanted to learn about how to self-publish your first book? We cover that too. Click on the image or link to find out more.

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