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Tomorrow, I’m performing at The Brass Monkey with my friends from Adrenalize. Yes, I am going to be sharing my own material. It’s going to be a blast.

But in the mean time, this weekly summary should tide you over.

The Music Entrepreneur HQ Featured Stories

032 – Flashes of Elation: Frustration032 – Flashes of Elation: Frustration

We all feel frustrated at times. So, how does it affect your creativity? Just about any emotion can be leveraged into your art to create something beautiful. And that’s part of what this podcast episode is all about. But you’ll also learn why frustration might just be pointing you in the right direction as opposed to the opposite.

I Asked Jack Conte About Success… Here’s What He Shared With MeI Asked Jack Conte About Success… Here’s What He Shared With Me

What a privileged world we live in. It’s still amazing to me that I can reach out to my heroes and get a response to a question, even if it’s just a quick one. In this post, you’ll learn what Jack Conte (of Pomplamoose and Patreon) had to do to become successful in his endeavors.

Using Your Power Featured Stories

Using Your Power is a cool podcast I work on with Maveen Kaura of Discover Your Life Today, and I think you’ll like it. Here are the latest episodes.

028 – Discussing How to Amplify the Power of Your Mind028 – Discussing How to Amplify the Power of Your Mind

Does your mind truly have hidden resources you can tap into? Is it true that we’re only using a percentage of our brain most of the time? If you were to unlock its full potential, what would you need to do? That’s what this episode of Using Your Power is all about.

029 – Your concept of God determines your attitude towards life029 – Your concept of God determines your attitude towards life

What do you believe about God? Even if you don’t believe in God, what you believe about what you believe (i.e. aliens, yourself, many gods, etc.) is going to affect how you approach life. In this episode, you’ll find out what your beliefs have to do with your attitude towards life.

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