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031 – Flashes of Elation: Jobs031 – Flashes of Elation: Jobs

An overwhelming number of artists, musicians, and creatives have day jobs. Jobs aren’t necessarily evil, and they can even provide you with the funds you need to sustain your artistic career. Ultimately, it’s a matter of perspective. Your attitude determines your approach to earning a living.

5 Ways to Gain Clients as a Music Teacher & How to Retain Them5 Ways to Gain Clients as a Music Teacher & How to Retain Them

This guest post was submitted by Jason Banner. Music instruction is one way to earn a good income in the music industry, and some are even passionate about it. This post outlines strategies you can use to grow your client base.

Using Your Power

Specialist, Generalist, or Hybrid?027 – Specialist, Generalist, or Hybrid

Some people are great at one thing. Others are good at many things. Some people have a mix of skills and experiences. No one is necessarily at a disadvantage, but you may be better suited to certain pursuits over others. This podcast episode explores the differences between specialists, generalists, and hybrids.

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