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Summer has officially arrived! Are you excited? I know I am.

Here’s a summary of what happened at The Music Entrepreneur HQ this week.

The Music Entrepreneur HQ Featured Stories

Audio Recording Through the Ages [INFOGRAPHIC]Audio Recording Through the Ages [INFOGRAPHIC]

How have audio recording practices changed through the ages? How did technology continue to evolve? This beautiful infographic via McGown Transcriptions sheds some light on our rich recording history.

098 – The Power of Yes & No098 – The Power of Yes & No

Sometimes we don’t realize how powerful words can be. As a music entrepreneur, some of the most power-filled words you will ever speak are “yes” and “no”. In this podcast episode, I share how to use these words to advance your career.

Featured Product

The Essential Guide to Music Entrepreneurship: 2018 EditionThe Essential Guide to Music Entrepreneurship: 2018 Edition

Doing the same things expecting different results is akin to insanity.

Yet, it seems like most musicians begin their journey making the same mistakes others do.

While everyone must walk their own journey, this doesn’t mean you need to go through all the trouble others have gone through to achieve your career goals.

Are you tired of getting stuck in your music career? Are you ready to take another approach?

This book will help you get your thinking right, which is one of the most important things you can do. Order it on Amazon and start working on your success mindset.

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