We’re into the last month of the year. Scary how fast it can sneak up on you, isn’t it?

I’ve published two new podcast episodes in this last week. Let’s explore what’s new at TME.

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As you know, I’m working on my new book. If you pre-order now, you’ll be able to take advantage of a lot of bonuses you won’t otherwise get – and trust me when I say you’ll be getting a lot. So, learn more about pre-ordering Flashes of Elation to claim your creative future.

020 – The Music Entrepreneur Traffic Analysis 2016020 – The Music Entrepreneur Traffic Analysis

I decided to do something a little different for this podcast episode. I evaluated how site traffic has changed for The Music Entrepreneur this year, what’s going well, and what isn’t. Music business website owners shouldn’t miss this traffic analysis.

021 - Career Update: November 2016021 – Career Update: November 2016

A lot of people have been enjoying my career updates, and I decided to take a slightly different approach to the latest installment. From website traffic to sales, I cover it all in this video, which is also a podcast episode.

New Guides at Music Industry How To

If you’d like to gain access to all the full-length guides at Music Industry How To – and there are over 400 of them, not just by yours truly – just follow the provided link. And no, you won’t find this advanced and valuable content anywhere on TME.

The Latest Guides on Music Industry How ToLessons On How To Practice Sweep Picking For Beginner Guitarists

You know what’s flashy and cool on the guitar? Sweep picking. But exactly how long does it take to be able to do it? How much practice do you need? What are some precursors to getting better at sweep picking? Start reading now to learn more.

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