December is halfway done, and we’re about to wrap up 2016.

Lots to think about, isn’t there? Here’s hoping you’re getting a bit of rest and also reflecting and thinking about what your next move and goals are going to be for 2017.

Here’s the latest weekly digest.

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As you know, I’m working on my new book. If you pre-order now, you’ll be able to take advantage of a lot of bonuses you won’t otherwise get – and trust me when I say you’ll be getting a lot. So, learn more about pre-ordering Flashes of Elation to claim your creative future.

A Guide to Opening an Online Store for Musicians and Music PractitionersA Guide to Opening an Online Store for Musicians and Music Practitioners

This guest post comes to us from Kayleigh Alexandra at, and covers the basics of setting up your own online store and selling merch on your website.

New Guides at Music Industry How To

if you’d like to gain access to all the full-length guides at Music Industry How To – and there are over 400 of them, not just by yours truly – just follow the provided link. And no, you won’t find this advanced and valuable content anywhere on TME.

The Latest Guides on Music Industry How ToHow To Play Open String Licks On The Guitar

Open string licks are cool. You can make ordinary sounding solo parts sound unusually fast just by adding in open strings. This guide shows you how to put together open string licks using a variety of techniques in different keys.

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