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Here’s what happened at TME this last week.

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As you know, I’m working on my new book. If you pre-order now, you’ll be able to take advantage of a lot of bonuses you won’t otherwise get – and trust me when I say you’ll be getting a lot. So, learn more about pre-ordering Flashes of Elation to claim your creative future.

Do You Enjoy My Book Reviews? Have a Look at UsingYourPower.comDo You Enjoy My Book Reviews? If So, Then You May Want To Have A Look At

Maveen and I recently launched a new website called Using Your Power. We’ve been releasing new podcast episodes on a weekly basis, and covering a lot of personal development, spirituality, and deep life related topics. I know a lot of people come to my site to read my book reviews, so if that’s more your style, I thought you might appreciate this.

David Andrew Wiebe Releases New Single, “Hope”David Andrew Wiebe Release New Single, “Hope”

What’s the deal with my new single, “Hope”? Well, here’s the inside scoop – take a read and find out what went into this EDM-inspired tune.

New Guides at Music Industry How To

If you’d like to gain access to all the full-length guides at Music Industry How To – and there are over 400 of them, not just by yours truly – just follow the provided link. And no, you won’t find this advanced and valuable content anywhere on TME.

The Latest Guides on Music Industry How To11 Best Guitar Pedals For Under $50

It’s amazing to me how affordable guitar pedals have become. To be fair, we’re talking about pedals that are $50 USD and under, not CAD, but still. If you’re thinking about buying compact effects pedals, then have a look at this list.

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