August is upon us. I’m already getting the feeling that this is going to feel like a shorter month than July. I’m looking forward to a bit of downtime this month. How about you?

Here’s what I’ve been up to this week.

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054 – 10 Types of Emails to Send Your Fans054 – 10 Types of Emails to Send Your Fans

Not sure what types of emails to send your fans? Scared of keeping in regular contact with your email list? In this podcast episode, you’ll learn about 10 types of emails you can send your fans to keep them engaged.

Top 10 Free Music Apps for Android 2017Top 10 Free Music Apps for Android 2017

Looking for apps you can use to find and download your favorite music? Interested in finding cool alternatives to popular streaming sites? If you like to geek out on apps, this article, via Faisal, is for you.

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Music Domination Formula CourseMusic Domination Formula

This is the essential course for those who are lacking routine, don’t have a focus, and are wondering what opportunities to pursue in their music careers or businesses.

When you take a long-term approach to your career, you’ll gain more clarity on the steps you need to take daily to get to where you want to go.

I want to encourage you to learn more about this course and pre-order it.

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