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The Music Entrepreneur HQ Featured Stories

040 – Bundling & Packaging Your Music Products to Maximize Earnings040 – Bundling & Packaging Your Music Products to Maximize Earnings

This is something I suggest more musicians do. Bundling your products gives you the opportunity to sell at a higher price. Selling at a higher price means more revenue. Plus, there are people willing to spend more with you. But you must take initiative to develop these packages.

Your Music Marketing Questions AnsweredYour Music Marketing Questions Answered

Music marketing is an in-depth topic, and it can be confusing. In this post, I share answers to many of the questions that are out there. If you’ve ever wanted to learn about music marketing, there’s a ton of valuable information here.

Using Your Power Featured Stories

Using Your Power is a cool podcast I work on with Maveen Kaura of Discover Your Life Today, and I think you’ll like it. Here are the latest episodes.

039 – Why Having a Team is Important in Success039 – Why Having a Team is Important in Success

Is anyone truly self-made? If you’re not working with a team, do you think you could end up missing important steps or opportunities? In this episode of the podcast, we discuss why you need to surround yourself with skilled and experienced people.

040 – Becoming Your Own PR Engine040 – Becoming Your Own PR Engine

PR today is no longer just about sending out a press release and twiddling your thumbs. But the good news is you can build your own connections and develop a killer PR network of your own. That’s what you’ll learn how to do in this podcast episode.

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