Another month has come to a close, and believe it or not, one-quarter of the year has passed. This weekend would be the ideal time for you to conduct a quarterly review to determine whether or not you’re on-track with your music career goals.

A week is too short, and a year is too long a time to measure your goals by. 90 days, on the other hand, is just right. I would encourage you to create an appointment with yourself to review your progress.

In any case, let’s get into this week’s highlights.

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Recording An Album, Part 4: Hitting the Studio

Recording An Album, Part 4: Hitting the Studio

Dr. Goemon5 is back with part four in his series on recording an album. This time, he takes a look at how to prepare for recording in the studio.

Submit a Guest Post to The Music Entrepreneur

Submit a Guest Post to The Music Entrepreneur

Now with guidelines. Get your thoughts, ideas and advice read by thousands of visitors. Find out how.

SoundCloud Announces New Subscription Service

SoundCloud Announces New Subscription Service

SoundCloud isn’t exactly in the best position financially, but they are making steps towards recovery. Their new streaming service sounds promising enough, though not a whole lot different than what’s already out there. Get the full scoop.

New Products

My Top 10 Tips for Creatives

My Top 10 Tips for Creatives

I had the opportunity to share at Creative Conversations – From Idea to Impact last month (I’m back again this month), and my presentation was based around My Top 10 Tips for Creatives. In preparation, I turned the entire workshop into a eBook and accompanying audio. Learn more.

Music Industry How To

The Latest Guides from Music Industry How To

In case you didn’t know, I contribute new content to Music Industry How To on a weekly basis as a staff writer. If you’d like to learn about becoming a member to gain access to all of the content, click here.

Here’s what’s new this week.

Where To Find Financial Support And Help For Musicians

Musicians need money to make their careers work, but it’s hard to know where to look for financial support. You will find several valuable tips in this guide.

5 Lead Guitar Essentials You Need To Master

In this guide, I discuss the five essential techniques every lead guitarist should master. Read more.

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