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Become a full-fledged music entrepreneur

Everything you need to know to start generating profit and living a life of creative freedom

This video training course by David Andrew Wiebe is backed by over 23 years of online marketing and music entrepreneurship experience.

Have you ever spent a ton of time meticulously setting goals only to immediately fall off the bandwagon?

✔ This course covers a simple, foolproof method you can use to be more productive and accomplish with ease.

Do you keep putting music or products in front an audience that doesn’t stream or buy?

✔ Discover how you can quickly identify who your audience is and how to put the right offers in front of them.

Is there more month than money?

✔ Maybe it’s time to start bringing in new sources of income without adding a load of new items to your to-do list. Learn the power of affiliate marketing.

Do you know the value of investing in yourself?

✔ In this course, you will find powerful resources that will help you grow in every area of your career.

Cracking the code on the music business?

✔ You may have the book, but if you don’t have the companion course, you’re missing out on the latest insights that will give you a better chance at reaching your career goals.

The Music Entrepreneur Companion Course

The Music Entrepreneur Code Companion Course

Video trainings include:


The Foolproof 90-Day Goal-Setting Framework

Includes audio and the PDF framework.

How to Create an Offer That Converts

Includes audio.

How to Earn Money as an Affiliate

Includes audio.

Powerful Personal Development Resources

Includes audio.

Mastering The Music Entrepreneur Code

Includes audio.


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