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Do you believe that there are different personality types out there?

I’ve talked about the differences between introverts and extroverts in the past, but some entrepreneurs I’ve met say that personality should not factor into your business and creative efforts.

I, for one, believe that we were all born with unique imprints. Some of us are good at math, and actually get excited about numbers. Others like to engage in extreme sports, and commit a significant portion of their life to that pursuit.

There’s no denying that some of us end up in jobs or roles we never had any interest in. But the thing we’re good at – the thing that really makes us come alive – oftentimes has nothing to do with our nine to five.

The infographic I’m about to share with you – titled Music Careers for Your Personality Type – comes from College Match Up, a service that helps you find a college that’s best matched to your personality.

I find that many authors and speakers never take personality into account when they discuss success principles, so it’s refreshing to see some focus placed on the identity of the individual.

The top 7 personality types, according to the infographic are:

  1. INTJ: strategic and planning.
  2. ISTJ: fact-centered and reliable.
  3. ESTJ: administrators and managers.
  4. ISTP: bold and practical implementers.
  5. ISFP: flexible and charming, and will trying anything once.
  6. ESTP: smart, perceptive and energetic.
  7. ESFP: spontaneous, energetic and enthusiastic.

It’s been a while since I took the Jung Typology Test, so I decided to re-take it to find out what my personality type is.

Apparently I am an INFJ, which sounds somewhat familiar. Pretty similar to an INTJ, except that I’m more feeling than thinking. It’s interesting, because I think a lot, but when I feel something, I can feel it very deeply.

It actually makes a lot of sense based on things I’ve talked about on the blog and the podcast in the past.

This would suggest that I don’t really match any one personality type that is commonly in the music industry, but I’m definitely walking a fine line between INFJ and INTJ, so I’m closest to The Architect based on the findings in this infographic.

What about you?

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