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Who is David Andrew Wiebe?

Wiebe has been praised for his straightforward, no-nonsense coaching style from musicians, music business owners and even those outside of the music industry – from the leading experts in personal development, skincare and more.

From crappy part-time jobs and barely-paying one-off gigs to working from home and living the independent lifestyle, Wiebe is no stranger to financial troubles, career transitions, freelancing, investing and ultimately creating a life he loves.

And, he’s never been afraid of sharing his journey, whether it’s on his award-winning blog, highly-regarded podcast or his first book, The New Music Industry: Adapting, Growing, and Thriving in The Information Age, which covers both his successes and failures as a musician in graphic detail.

As the go-to session guitarist in Calgary and area, bestselling author of four books, public speaker, community builder, investor and purveyor of music and creative entrepreneurship, Wiebe is active in a variety of fronts, inspiring, empowering and encouraging artists wherever he goes.

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