Restoring Integrity

by | Sep 17, 2019 | Founder's Thoughts

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Even with all the incredible breakthroughs I’ve experienced this year, there have also been some equally devastating and challenging breakdowns.

As I entered survival mode, a lot of things fell by the wayside. So, I wanted to restore my integrity with you.

I rarely share, in a public forum, the private details of my life. But it seems appropriate based on the lack of integrity I’ve been drowning in.

Here’s what happened:

  • Between January and May, I was taking an intensive personal development program. It was worth every ounce of time, energy and money I dedicated to it, but it also consumed me to the point where things started falling by the wayside.
  • While I was taking the personal development program, I got sick twice and my car broke down multiple times.
  • Shortly after I completed the program, the woman I’d been pining for, for the better part of two years, told me it wasn’t going to happen.
  • My roommate casually announced she would be moving back to Vancouver in July. This also prompted my move, which I’m trying to prepare for, even as I write this (suffice it to say, I’m not sleeping much).
  • Because of my relentless work schedule and broken heart, I got severely ill. I had planned to take it easy during the summer, but the meetings and the work and the emails and requests just wouldn’t let up.
  • I went on two vacations during the summer. I went to see my sister in St. Catharines for about a week, then spent some time in Vancouver and Austin, TX either resting or going to industry events.
  • I started to feel better after returning from vacation, but unfortunately, I was not completely healed and needed to spend more time resting up.
  • As result, I fell behind on several projects, which only added to my stress.

The impact on you is that I haven’t been entirely present, and I’ve procrastinated and delayed. This goes entirely contrary to my nature and even caught me off guard.

The new structure I’m putting in place now is a “non-negotiable” to-do list that I must complete daily before I put my head to rest.

And, if for some reason I’m unable to handle something, I will let you know and will either put you on a waiting list or refer you to someone else who can handle the job.

I cannot promise that everything will go smoothly from here on out. But I’m committed to making things right. I appreciate your patience and grace.

Thank you for trusting me with your business,

David Andrew Wiebe

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