Paperback Copies of The New Music Industry are Now Available!

by | Feb 3, 2016 | News

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Paperback Copies of The New Music Industry are Now Available!

Ever since the release of my eBook, many of you have been asking about physical copies of the book.

Well, it took some time to figure out what service to go with. I looked at three different online services that claim to offer print on demand, but when I checked out what they had to offer, it didn’t seem as though they actually catered to people like me.

Oh, I have no doubt that they indeed provide some kind of print on demand service, but it appeared to be an afterthought – like it was not terribly important to them.

Frustrated, I started asking for quotes from print shops, but the quotes I got weren’t exactly what I was hoping for. If I had gone with one of them, I would have had to sell my book at a significant loss.

Although I would have been okay with getting my message out there and eating the costs, I wanted to at least break even if that was at all possible.

That’s when it dawned on me that Amazon must have some kind of print on demand service. That’s when I found CreateSpace.

To be fair, I’d probably come across Createspace in the past, but didn’t even think about it when it came time to get physical copies of my book made.

At this point, I had already attempted to use cumbersome interfaces to prepare my artwork templates and try to figure out what the cost would be, so I was still a little skeptical, but I started going through the process.

I wouldn’t say that getting my templates uploaded to CreateSpace and tweaking them to meet specification was painless, but it was still the best “print on demand” experience I’d had overall.

Moreover, there were no upfront costs. Sure, they take a cut on every sale, but I didn’t have to pay a cent to make the paperback edition available. Nice.

And when I say “paperback”, I’ve actually held a book in my hands, and it’s much nicer than what you’d imagine. If you’re looking to get your book out there, I would definitely recommend CreateSpace.

Anyway, you can now choose between Kindle and paperback on Amazon, so I’ll post the links below. And don’t worry – you can still get the book on sites like Kobo and Barnes & Noble (I think B & N carries paperback copies too).

And if, for whatever reason, you’d like me to personally sign, package and send you a copy, feel free to get in touch with me. It will definitely take me longer to deliver than Amazon, but I’m still happy to do it.

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