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“I loved how you frame things in a way that I think everyone can apply, whether they are trying to sell their music, or trying to start a music related business or just trying to get more success in their musical life.” – Christopher Suton, Musical U

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Productivity in Music – Does it Matter?

Productivity in Music – Does it Matter?

“Productivity” feels like such a technical term… Especially when we're talking about something as creative as music. We could just as easily say “getting more done in less time” or “making the best use of our time.” But that still feels a little aimless to me. If the goal is to “get a lot done”...

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Will You Come Out Better or Worse off?

Will You Come Out Better or Worse off?

What we are experiencing right now in the music industry is unprecedented. Because what we’re experiencing in the world is also unprecedented. We could be days, weeks, months, or even years away from live performances happening on a larger scale. No one knows for sure! So, a good question to ask...

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