The Music Entrepreneur Launches Music PR Services

by | Mar 22, 2017 | News

You're missing out...

We are pleased to announce the launch of our music and music business PR service for musicians and music business people.

But why now?

David Andrew Wiebe, founder of The Music Entrepreneur HQ commented:

“Many people have been wondering exactly what we do at The Music Entrepreneur. I wanted to clarify our value propositions and productize our offerings to make it easier for people to get the help they need when they need it.”

The recent revision of the products page also reflects this change of mindset. Offers have clearly been divided into three categories – books and courses, PR campaigns, and live events. You can also view recommended products on the same page. One-on-one coaching is still available, and Wiebe can still be booked for speaking engagements – you’ll be glad to know these services will not be affected.

But why wait to launch more products and services?

“I do a lot of things in the music industry – everything from WordPress development and graphic design to social media and content marketing. Not to mention session playing, engineering and production work, teaching, and so on. I didn’t want people coming to my website to be bombarded by offers. But moving forward, we’re going to be offering more, not less. This is also because more people have been coming to me wanting help with their websites and album or single releases.”

But what about other music PR services that are already available? How will The Music Entrepreneur compete?

“My goal is to offer something that isn’t already out there, not to duplicate the amazing work of other fantastic PR services,” said Wiebe. “The first thing our PR campaigns page says is that we’re a different kind of PR service, and I believe that. Both musicians and music business owners have the opportunity to get their project reviewed and potentially get featured on The New Music Industry Podcast [depending on what package they choose], and get exposure from many sources. But there has to be a good fit, or there’s no sense in collaborating on a campaign. We only want to work with people that we resonate with, and people that resonate with us.”

But why PR? Where did this idea come from? Is this coming out of left field?

Wiebe answered: “This is actually something I’ve been working on for months – a problem I’ve been trying to solve. Part of content marketing is promoting, distributing, and syndicating the content you create. As I continue to research and run my own PR campaigns, I’ve started accumulating a list of contacts, social networks, blogs, press release distribution sites, as well as tools that can get my content out to more places and more people with less effort. The sites and tools will always be a bit of a moving target, because they’re constantly evolving, but we now have a foundation laid. That’s for us to worry about while our clients go about their day doing what they do best, which is making art.”

Wiebe also added, “I’ve come to realize that PR is essentially paying someone else to get your content in front of more eyeballs. This is something I know we can do, because we’ve spent time looking into how it all works.”

Interested in learning more about what we can do for you?

Find out more about our new PR services here.

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