Qualifications are often formalityMy mom has always thought of me as an independent thinker.

As a youngster, I hated giving straight answers to the questions people would ask me. People would always ask how old I was, so I’d answer with something along the lines of, “I’m 6,252”. At one point, I think my mom was considering taking me to a psychologist, but fortunately this habit was well within my control and I changed fast once I found out what my mom was up to.

I think for myself. Maybe that’s why I don’t buy in to a lot of people’s ideas around jobs and work. It could also be the fact that I’m entrepreneurial, though it has taken all three decades of my life for my growth to culminate to the point it’s at today.

The Job Adjective

I don’t totally understand people’s mentality around jobs. It’s like they worship them or something.

If there’s no money coming in, “I HAVE to find a job, now!”

If they don’t like their job, “I NEED to find another job.”

If they like their job, “I LOVE my job.”

Ever notice how strong our words are concerning jobs? Jobs aren’t people, for goodness’ sake. They won’t love you back.

Don’t get me wrong; jobs are not bad. They pay your bills. But they don’t do more than that. You can’t really get ahead in a job.

I think that’s why I have trouble understanding why someone would want a job so badly. You need one to cover your expenses, but beyond that, it’s all up to you. You have to decide what you want in life and go after it.

Overcome Mental Blocks

If you don’t think the same way as I do, that’s perfectly fine, but there is one key point I’m building up to. Quite simply, I want to propose the idea that qualifications are often formality.

I’ve seen job seekers get stuck in their search. They don’t apply because it’s not in their field. They don’t apply because they don’t have the experience. They don’t apply because they’re not sure they’re going to like it. They don’t apply because they don’t meet the qualifications perfectly or exactly. What’s the big deal if a job is all you want?

A company is either trying to fill a position or they’re not. If you’ve done your part in the transaction (if they require a cover letter then make one, etc.), the rest is up to them to decide. The worst they can do say is “no”. It seems like a lot of the time you don’t hear back from human resources anyway.

I’m not suggesting that anyone outright lie, hassle, or do anything illegal. All I’m saying is that it can’t hurt to take a shot. Use your creativity. You never know what could happen.

On A Grander Scale

This mentality doesn’t just apply to jobs. It applies to life.

Do you feel under-qualified for that woman you’ve had your eye on? Do you think that festival gig is above you? Do you think your dreams and visions in life are impossible to attain? What you think about one area in life can definitely affect another.

So next time you think you can’t have something, just remember that God is no respecter of persons. You’re fine just the way you are, and you are free to apply for all the goodness and joy in life God wants you to have, regardless of whether or not you actually get it.

Entrepreneurs are problem-solvers. If there’s a will, there’s always a way.

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