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by | Feb 4, 2013 | Social Media Marketing

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Engaging on Facebook - Facebook LogoMaybe it’s just the fact that I’ve come to some important realizations in the last few months. Maybe it’s just the fact that I’ve had more clarity of mind since not being under financial pressure. Regardless, I must insist that engaging on Facebook isn’t that hard.

Besides the myriad of posts already available on the topic, my own experiments have shown me a few things that work pretty well.

I will relay that stick-to-it-ness is absolutely essential. It is the foundation of any effort you undertake, and I will mention it again later in this post.

Regardless, here are some real basic things I have discovered that seem to work well for engaging on Facebook.

Post Photos Frequently

In fact, it’s okay if most if not all of your posts are photos. Come up with a fun caption, and when people see it pop up in their feed, they will be irresistible to its powers.

Really. Just try it. When you see that someone else’s photo pop up in your feed, aren’t you inclined to at least see what it’s about (especially if you like them)?

Not everyone will engage with it or even care to be sure, but if you’re just posting text updates it’s definitely time to spice up your page with more photos.

I have had the chance to dabble with Instagram and it works great, especially if you have an iPhone. Alas, you can only publish photos to your profile (not your page) if you have an Android phone.

Still, I have had photos get me ‘likes’ and comments from people that I just wouldn’t get otherwise. Use photos.

Leona’s Sister does an exceptional job of engaging with photos. Check out what they’re doing.

Bonus Tip: The majority of your posts should be of an engaging nature. Don’t extend too many call-to-actions (buy this, do that, vote here, come to our show) without facilitating interaction first. Take your eyes off your band and put them on your fans.

Use Facebook as *Band Name Here*

Go to your page, click on “Edit Page” and “Use Facebook as…”.

Do this on a regular and consistent basis. You might have to go and ‘like’ other bands and industry related pages. In fact, do that.

Every time you comment on and ‘like’ other posts on Facebook, you are increasing your visibility, and every time you increase the number of ‘likes’ on your page, you are extending your reach to “Friends of Fans”. You might be surprised how quickly this number can shoot up.

I have easily gotten one additional ‘like’ per day using this method.

Track Your Efforts

This isn’t rocket science. Facebook already has a built-in tracking system for your engagement. Go to your page, click on “See All” next to “Insights” and voila! Your own personal metric tracker.

While you don’t have to check it frequently, I would encourage you to use it to see which of your posts are engaging well. That way you can duplicate what you did before and keep engaging.

Just Keep At It

You have to adopt a long-term mindset with practically everything in life. Please don’t sell yourself short and give up after a couple of days (or a couple of weeks). You’re not giving yourself a fair chance.

The world says you can have it now. Instant gratification. No waiting necessary. Has anything ever worked out for you that way? No, really. That was not rhetorical.

Here’s a secret: everything in life takes time. It takes consistent and diligent effort to accomplish anything of value.

I have seen some people give up after a month’s effort. They were disappointed that they only increased their ‘likes’ by 10. That’s not bad at all. What, you were expecting more?

If you did the same thing the next month, couldn’t you increase your ‘likes’ by another 10? Wouldn’t you be more efficient than before? Couldn’t you ultimately reach more people?

Let’s face it; if you’re not using Facebook as a musician you’re behind the times. It’s already a saturated space (I don’t really buy in to scarcity of opportunity, but that’s just me). Conversely, there is so much more opportunity than ever before!

How many active users does Facebook have? Roughly one billion! That’s a huge market to tap.

So what if it takes a little more time to get it going? You’re going to have to build up some momentum anyway, and momentum only comes from consistent effort.

Don’t come crying to me unless you can show me that you’ve posted and engaged on Facebook consistently for five years. Then we’ll talk.


Finally, contests and promotions are also known to drive up engagement, but I have yet to try, so don’t ask me.

Please let me know if this post has helped you with your social media marketing efforts.

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