Leather Pick HolderYou might remember a previous post in which I talked about the lack of quality exhibited by Dunlop pick holders. Today, I have a new, more encouraging story to share with you.

After I finished teaching a guitar lesson last Wednesday night, I decided to go to the local Long & McQuade (which was formerly a Mother’s Music location). I was getting fed up carrying around a bulky plastic case in my pocket, so I went searching for a proper pick holder that would better suit my needs.

At first, I couldn’t find anything. They didn’t even have the aforementioned Dunlop holders in stock. I kept looking, but found nothing. Finally, one of the salesmen asked me if he could help me find something. I told him that I was looking for a pick holder and asserted, “Not one of those cheap Dunlop ones”, as I relayed my story of woe.

He looked around, and at first he didn’t come across anything either. It looked like a lost cause. However, he finally came upon a leather keychain and pick holder. He said, “Well, there is this“, as he handed one to me. I looked it over skeptically, and paused to think for a moment. The salesman said, “You know what? You seem like a nice man”, and peeled the price tag off. He handed me the holder and said, “You can come back and let me know how awesome it is and how you’re not losing any picks.” He gave me the pick holder for free. I forgot to get his name, but I think it’s fair to say I will be going back and they’re definitely going to get more of my business.

The pick holder has worked out great so far. I certainly haven’t lost any picks, and even though I have found it to be a little harder to get a pick out of it (which might just be a matter of breaking it in), it has worked out well in every other respect.

It’s not every day that businesses treat you this well. I have heard Seth Godin talk about the importance of being human in business (and relating to others that way), and because the salesman treated me like a person, he impressed me.

Have you been in a similar situation? Have salespeople and business owners treated you well? We’d love to hear your story. Leave a comment below, and share your experiences with us!

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