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Challenging the Status Quo: Jobs & PassionIn North America, we were brought up to believe that we should pursue our passion. Go to school, find something you like, and find a job that utilizes the skill-set you’ve developed. “What’s wrong with that?” you may say.

I have no objections to pursuing your passion. However, there is a shift that takes place as soon as a calling becomes a profession. A profession is an obligation. You have to show up, say yes, and do what you’re told to do. You don’t have control of your time. Most jobs are monotonous. After six months, you could probably do your work with your brain turned off.

“But, it pays my bills.”

Of course it does, but there’s a reason why they call it “work”. Not that there is anything inherently wrong with taking a job or paying your bills.

“But I love my job.”

I sure hope so, because you’re going to be doing it for the next 40 – 60 years. Sure, you may move from debt to broke, broke to comfort, but what else is waiting for you on the other side of that? Can you honestly say you’ve thought about what you want to accomplish in your lifetime? Is there anything you would regret never doing? Is your job allowing you to pursue those things?

So why not keep your passion a passion? Why not think of paying your bills and your passion as two separate entities? Keep a solid, steady income, and pursue your dreams in your spare time. Does it really matter what job you take if it provides a good, steady income?

“But I’m tired after work.”

Is that really going to get any better five to 10 years down the line? It’s important to adopt a “can-do” attitude when it comes to your dreams. If you’re a “can’t-do”, then you will always find reasons why you “can’t-do”.

Successful people seem to believe that no person can really achieve anything of significance if they don’t do something outside of work. Maybe they’re crazy. But maybe they’re right.

Honestly consider those around you who’ve followed the status quo for 20, 30 or 40 yeras. Think about the people that went to school, found something they liked, found a job in that field, and didn’t pursue anything outside of those hours. Do they really have results that you want? Or are they worried about their finances? Are they worried about their twenty-something kids?

There’s a reason why the status quo exists. Most people will follow it.

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David Andrew Wiebe

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