Frequently Asked Questions

Can I contribute a guest post?

Yes. It is recommended, however, that you review our guidelines before pitching. Our standards are high, and we do not accept every guest post. We do not want to spend a lot of time editing a piece that isn’t fully fleshed out and edited. We also do not accept pieces that are of low quality. Please bring your A-game if you want to contribute content to The Music Entrepreneur HQ.

Note: If possible, please do not ask if we accept guest posts when reaching out. Pitch first, ask questions later.

What does “networking” mean?

When we talk about networking, we’re usually referring to building worthwhile, strategic relationships with people that can help you advance your career. We believe this is not about getting as much as it is about giving. Merely handing out business cards won’t do much for your career, nor will spamming people or constantly pitching to them. We should strive to build real, quality friendships and relationships with people and add value to them. This fosters a connection from which value exchange can flow.

What is a music producer?

Also known as a “record producer”, a music producer is someone whose responsibilities can be far-reaching in the scope of a music project. Here are but a few things a producer is often responsible for:

  • Generating or finding musical ideas for the project. Sometimes producers will also co-write with the artist.
  • Helping the artist or band find specific songs to record for the project.
  • Working with the artist to improve their songs – arrangements, lyrics, and so on.
  • Choosing session musicians to perform on the album.
  • Bringing the best out of musicians in the studio.
  • Supervising the entire music project from pre-production to mastering.
  • Providing funding for the project – session musicians, engineers, and so on.

This isn’t to suggest that all music producers are quite as involved in the recording process, and sometimes they will do more or less depending on the situation.

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