8 More Music Marketing Blogs You Should be ReadingYou might recall a post I did a while back called 8 Music Marketing Blogs You Should be Reading.

Because you all seemed to enjoy that post a lot, I thought I would toss a fresh set of blogs at you.

Make sure you have your bookmarking tool at the ready, and let’s get right into the new list.

1. Bandzoogle Blog

Bandzoogle BlogI’ve actually been a fan of the Bandzoogle blog for several years, because they talk about – what else? – building websites!

If you’ve been following me for a while, you already know how crucial I think it is to have a website as a musician.

The Bandzoogle blog features more information on artist websites than I could ever conceivably create on my own, but hey, it’s their specialty.

2. Disc Makers Echoes

Disc Makers EchoesThere are a ton of authors contributing to Echoes, and that’s one of the things that makes it so indispensible.

Their blog primarily centers on marketing as well as recording, mastering, and other audio related topics.

Of course, when you start delving into marketing, the sky is the limit, so you’ll find fairly similar content across other popular music marketing blogs.

3. Music Industry How To

Music Industry How ToMusic Industry How To is an incredible resource for musicians, and I’m not just saying that because I’ve been publishing a few pieces there lately.

Arguably, they are doing a better job of covering the business of music and than I am. Of course, it helps that there are multiple contributors (the collective knowledge is always greater than the knowledge of the individual!).

I’m definitely going to be keeping an eye on this one, and so should you!

4. hypebot

hypebotLooking back, I realize that a great deal of my music industry education came from hypebot, so I guess I should mention them, huh?

This blog is mostly focused on upstarts, technology, music streaming, and so forth, but you will also find the occasional opinion piece or article centered on music marketing related topics too.

They publish way too much for a single individual to keep up with, but if you want to understand what state the music industry is in and keep up with it, I know of no better resource.

5. Michael Brandvold Marketing

Michael Brandvold MarketingMichael Brandvold is a force to reckon with, and he really knows his stuff; especially social media.

When I was still writing blog posts for TuneCity (in 2012/2013), there were several blogs and experts that I kept stumbling upon; and many of them are on this list. Michael Brandvold is no exception.

I owe a great deal to those who have blazed a trail in the music marketing blog realm.

6. Music Biz Academy

Music Biz AcademyI don’t know if you would call it a blog so much as a website, but Music Biz Academy – started by David Nevue – certainly has a large database of useful articles.

These days, Chris Knab is the one overseeing the site, and I had the pleasure of interviewing him a couple of years ago.

The website covers legal issues, radio promotion, contracts, publicity, and more. This is the stuff I’m not so good at, so this is a good place to go to learn about it. While the previously mentioned topics may not be terribly sexy, they’re still really important.

I should also mention that David Nevue’s How to Promote Your Music Successfully on the Internet (affiliate link) was one of the first books I read on the topic, and it still influences me to this day.

7. Andrew Dubber

Andrew DubberI feel like I’m talking more about my influences here than I am about music marketing blogs, but I can’t deny the impact Andrew Dubber has had on me and my thoughts on music marketing.

He is a brilliant man, and somehow manages to get a lot more done than most people ever get around to. He must not sleep.

He was the man behind New Music Strategies too, and though the site doesn’t really get updated anymore, the content there seems to transcend time and is somehow still relevant.

8. Music Think Tank

Music Think TankWhile I’m still talking about my influences and some of the early reading I did, I might as well bring up Music Think Tank, which is a property now owned by hypebot.

A variety of writers contribute to this blog, so though I hate to say it, the quality of the articles can be a little hit and miss.

However, I’m thinking about running a few pieces there myself, and you certainly can’t deny that they’ve built a large database of articles, many of which do offer some value.

Final Thoughts on More Music Marketing Blogs

So I hope you’ve enjoyed another round of great music marketing blogs.

Of course, don’t forget to bookmark us (or subscribe to our feed) while you’re still here, because we strive to bring you great content every single week, both through our blog and our podcast.

What other music marketing blogs do you read? What kind of content do you like best?

Let us know in the comments section below!

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