Are you ready for the New Year?

2018 is here, and for me it represents new beginnings. What does it represent for you?

I’m starting the New Year in a new home. That was somewhat unexpected.

But I would be lying if I said it wasn’t a positive change. Little did I know how much my creativity was being affected by the environment I was previously in. Sometimes you have to leave a situation to find out how oppressive it was.

Even though I’m not fully moved into my new home, and it was a sudden change, I already feel happier, more energetic, and more creative. That seems like a massive step forward in itself.

And, if that’s how I’m feeling now, and how I will continue to feel in the New Year, I think it’s only natural that I will be more productive and prolific this year. I’m excited for that.

What’s in Store for 2018?

2018 will be an exciting year. Why? Well, this might sound a little woo-woo, but…

The number 1 represents manifestation. The number 8 represents abundance, prosperity, harvest, progress, and forward movement. 2018 is therefore the year of manifesting abundance. If you’ve been diligently planting seeds for your future, there will be a harvest to reap this year.

Does this mean abundance is waiting for you? Not necessarily – it’s just one possible outcome of many, as with any year.

But if you remain open to the possibilities, learn from your mistakes, work hard, and keep moving forward in spite of whatever comes your way, you may see some amazing blessings come into your life.

I would suggest reflecting on what you accomplished in 2017, because whatever you worked hard to achieve is about to bear more fruit.

What’s in Store for The Music Entrepreneur HQ in 2018?

Every year, I spend a lot of time and effort working on the content programming for The Music Entrepreneur HQ, especially for January.

This is because I want to set you up for success in the New Year. I want to offer inspiration and practical advice that will help you make the coming year the best one possible.

I still plan to develop and publish some great content for early 2018, but it may take more time than usual for me to get it all out there. This is mostly due to my recent move, and the lack of a WiFi internet connection at home (I’m working on that). Some years, the holiday season seems to offer a lot of time to plan and reflect, and some years it just breezes on by. I probably don’t have to tell you which way it’s gone for me this time.

In addition, I see myself:

  • Publishing more content on the blog than ever, including new podcast episodes.
  • Finishing and publishing my forthcoming book, Flashes of Elation (finally).
  • Getting back to work on Music Domination Formula.
  • Finishing an independent radio and marketing campaign I started last year.
  • Putting together a new eBook resource.

This is just the starting point, and I think there’s plenty more I’ll be working on and sharing with you.

Keep an eye on the blog to learn more about goals I’ve set, books I’m reading, theme words I’ve decided to live by in 2018, and more.

Final Thoughts

It’s going to be fun reflecting on 2017, because it was a life-defining year for me (you’ll be seeing my reflections on it soon). A lot has changed in my life, and I see more fun, more trips, and more adventure in my life in 2018 than ever before.

Remember – life is what you make of it. Your choices have led you to where you are today. If you want to be somewhere else, it’s time to start making different choices. No, your life won’t change overnight, but if you keep making positive choices daily, in time, you will see your life transformed.

What can you do today to make progress towards your dreams and goals?

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David Andrew Wiebe

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