Full-time musician. Doesn’t that term have a great ring to it? Wouldn’t you love to pursue your passion full-time?

In this episode of The New Music Industry Podcast, I chat with UK based musician Malcolm “Bubba” McCarthy and ask him how he rose through the ranks to become an established and in-demand musician.

Podcast Highlights:

  • 01:01 – Who is Malcom “Bubba” McCarthy?
  • 02:48 – The deficiencies of traditional education
  • 05:57 – Side hustles
  • 06:50 – Playing well vs. social media marketing
  • 08:10 – Revenue streams and taming the tiger
  • 09:12 – Establishing yourself as a quality musician in UK
  • 12:23 – What sort of gear are you using?
  • 16:42 – Getting repeat gigs
  • 19:05 – Being versatile in the music industry
  • 20:32 – How important are music sales for you?
  • 22:24 – The duality of being prolific and perfectionism
  • 24:20 – Michael Jackson and Thriller
  • 25:15 – Are there any books or resources that have helped you on your journey?
  • 27:28 – Building relationships in the industry


Coming soon.

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