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Tommy Zee

Tommy Zee

“It was hard to ignore your presence online… You’re definitely the resource for musicians to show them not just one way, not just two ways, but any given way that actually might work.”

Ariel Hyatt

Ariel Hyatt

“That’s what’s great about listening to you – is you get in the crevices where other people don’t.”

Scott Kirby

Scott Kirby

“David Andrew Wiebe is the king of internet music marketing and, most importantly, social networking platforms.”

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A small sample of the amazing guests we’ve interviewed…

Bob Baker
The Buzz Factor

Helen Austin
Songwriter and artist

James Schramko

Jason Davis
Music Mogul

Richard “Younglord” Frierson
Hip Hop and R&B Producer

Matt Starr

John Oszajca
Music Marketing Manifesto

Ariel Hyatt
Cyber PR

Meet the Host:

David Andrew Wiebe

I’ve been playing guitar for 19 years.

I’ve been podcasting for over 10 years.

I’m a four-time self-published author.

I have a background in design, audio and business operations.

I’m a digital nomad and foodie.

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