David Andrew Wiebe, artist

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I Couldn’t Put It Down

“I sat down to read your book this morning. And, even though I had a jam-packed day and a lot of other things to do, I got hooked and ended up reading it all the way through. It’s packed with value and gets straight to the point. No fluff in this book.”

Brent Vaartstra

A Game Changer

“There are many people out there claiming to know how to navigate the new music industry. David has proven that he is the pinnacle of industry knowledge and experience. At a time when it seems like there is more opportunity than ever, more musicians find themselves drowning in a sea of noise. This book is the compass that leads us. Its concise, yet chalked full of high impact tips and strategies.”

Greg Wilnau

There’s Only One Boss

“David Andrew Wiebe is the real deal, a master musician, guitarist, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter. Also one of the most knowledgeable people you’ll ever meet in the industry and has mentored me in launching my career as a composer, touring artist, and producer. His new book is the greatest book I’ve ever read on making it in offering insight and real applied knowledge on how to make it in today’s music industry.”


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