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In addition to writing a new song (I need to start recording as soon as possible), I’m getting ready for my latest presentation at The Question tomorrow. It’s been another productive week for me. How about you?

Here’s this week’s weekly digest so you can get caught up with everything at TME.

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019 – Recording Music & Getting it Placed – with Juno Award Winning Songwriter and Artist Helen Austin019 – Recording Music & Getting it Placed – with Juno Award Winning Songwriter and Artist Helen Austin

I’m back with another interview, and in this episode of the podcast, I talk to Helen Austin. This former comedian made this a very enjoyable conversation, and I’m sure you’ll get lots out of it too.

What is SoundExchange?What is SoundExchange?

Ever heard of SoundExchange? No? Then you need to read this article right away. Even if you have a PRO representing you already, SoundExchange collects a different kind of royalty, and you might have money waiting for you.

New Guides at Music Industry How To

If you’d like to gain access to all the full-length guides at Music Industry How To – and there are plenty of them, not just by yours truly – just follow the provided link. And no, you won’t find this content anywhere on TME.

The Latest Guides on Music Industry How ToHow To Use Canva To Create Promotional Graphics For Your Music

It used to be that you needed to hire a professional to get your graphics done if you wanted quality images to work with. It’s still a good idea to work with a graphic designer if you can, but for everyday graphics, Canva is likely your best bet. Learn how to take advantage of this easy-to-use online app.

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