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It’s beginning to look like spring is finally here in Calgary, Alberta.

Spring represents different things – rebirth and renewal being some of the more common associations. In my case, “rebirth” might be apt, because I’m making new plans and heading in a new direction.

How have your 90 day goals been going? I hope you’re owning them.

Let’s get into this week’s summary.

The Music Entrepreneur HQ Featured Stories

034 – Flashes of Elation: Finances034 – Flashes of Elation: Finances

For most of us, what our parents and teachers taught us about money just isn’t enough. But that’s no excuse to fail at money – you can get better at it. In this episode, I share some tips on how to take control of your financial future.

035 – Career Update: Q1 of 2017035 – Career Update: Q1 of 2017

Instead of doing monthly career updates, I decided to try quarterly. In this episode of the podcast, I share about what I’ve been up to, as well as some of the things I’m looking to achieve moving forward. This is an exciting time for me.

Using Your Power Featured Stories

Using Your Power is a cool podcast I work on with Maveen Kaura of Discover Your Life Today, and I think you’ll like it. Here are the latest episodes.

How does death motivate you to live?032 – Death

I’d be lying if I said that this was the most encouraging subject we’ve ever covered on the podcast. But the important part is to think about how you’re going to live your life versus how you’re going to die, because we don’t know when or where it’s going to happen.

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Need more? I can’t blame you. Here’s last week’s summary.

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