Another week has passed, and we’re almost halfway through the year. Wow.

Let’s get into what went up on The Music Entrepreneur HQ this week.

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5 Music Equipment Must Haves for Recording Your First Release5 Music Equipment Must Haves for Recording Your First Release

Looking to self-produce your first release? Plenty of musicians are opting to record from home because of how inexpensive it’s become. In this guest post, you’ll discover what equipment you need to begin the recording process.

095 – You Don’t Know How Content Marketing Works (You’re Doing It Wrong)095 – You Don’t Know How Content Marketing Works (You’re Doing It Wrong)

Having worked with many clients, I can tell you there are plenty that don’t understand how content marketing works. Whether you think you know or know you don’t, you should have a listen to the latest podcast episode to ensure you’re on the right track.

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The Essential Guide to Music Entrepreneurship: 2018 EditionThe Essential Guide to Music Entrepreneurship: 2018 Edition

There’s a lot of talk out there around tactics.

But tactics change because technology evolves, and methods that used to work stop working at some point.

There’s one thing that doesn’t change – the importance of a strong mindset. If you can get that right, the details become irrelevant. If you’re determined to get to where you want to go, you’ll find a way.

So, if you’d like to strengthen your mindset, you can order the new book on Amazon.

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