Lots going on at The Music Entrepreneur HQ, if you hadn’t noticed already.

I’ve been launching new resources, publishing more content, and making more services available.

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So, let’s get into what’s new at the HQ!

The Latest Posts on The Music Entrepreneur HQ

Here’s what’s new on The Music Entrepreneur HQ this week.

How to Shift from Musician to Music Entrepreneur

Finally, a guide explaining how you can make that all-important shift from musician music entrepreneur. This blog post via Rana Tarakji explains the basics of making that mental modification.

The Big List of Resources for Musicians

Bookmark this blog post immediately. In it, you will find many recommendations for the most commonly needed services, tools, and apps musicians need to build their careers.

078 – Closing the Chapter on 2017

Every new year is a clean slate – if you take the time necessary to close the chapter on the previous one. Are you still dragging 2017 into 2018? Then it’s time to process the year that just passed.

079 – Reflecting on My 3 Theme Words from 2017

Setting theme words for the year has become one of my favorite activities? Why? Because last year, setting these intentions changed my life. I believe they will change my life again. In this podcast episode, you’ll learn how my life shifted in 2017.

Featured Product

How to Record, Promote & Sell Your New Music Release

I co-authored this eBook with my friend, Goemon5. He detailed every step of his album recording journey, from A to Z. I broke it all down into digestible bullet points. This eBook also features a complete online marketing plan to help you sell more music. You can learn more here.

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