Between being sick and taking a couple of trips out of town, I don’t even know where April went.

At the same time, a lot of great things have been happening, and I’ve been keeping steady with things on the website as well as with my career.

Here’s what’s new from this last week.

The Music Entrepreneur HQ Featured Stories

3 Simple Low-Cost Online Strategies for Increasing Your Brand Visibility & Creating New Connections039 – 3 Simple Low-Cost Online Strategies for Increasing Your Brand Visibility & Creating New Connections

Tired of wasting time on social media? Can’t get a hang of this internet thing? No problem. In this post, you will discover how you can build your brand and create new connections just by doing three simple things daily.

Top 5 Tips On How To Find A Vocal Coach That's Right For YouTop 5 Tips On How To Find A Vocal Coach That’s Right For You

Are you interested in improving as a singer? Would you like to find a teacher that can help you? Here’s a blog post that explains what you need to know to get set up with a great vocal coach.

Using Your Power Featured Stories

Using Your Power is a cool podcast I work on with Maveen Kaura of Discover Your Life Today, and I think you’ll like it. Here are the latest episodes.

037 – Taking the High Value off of Celebrities037 – Taking the High Value off of Celebrities

Do you look up to celebrities? Do they inform your clothing and fashion choices, how you conduct yourself in public, or even what you believe? It’s okay to look up to someone, but obsession turns to idolatry. This podcast episode is about how to reclaim your precious mind space.

038 – Why Are You Not Succeeding?038 – Why Are You Not Succeeding?

What’s holding you back? Where are you getting stuck? Here’s a discussion that addresses common problems associated with succeeding at the level you desire.

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There was some great stuff last week too. Have a look here.

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