Thoughts On The 4 Rs: Rest, Relaxation, Reflection & ReorientationTrue growth does not come from work or busyness alone. It comes from a combination of focus, planning, and strategy.

However, never stopping is not good strategy. That’s why we must pay heed to the 4 Rs, and make sure that they are accounted for in our lives.


Rest is necessary. We all need a certain amount of sleep – anywhere from six to eight hours per night in our adult life – to recoup the energy we spend during the day. Yes, energy seems to be a finite resource, and it must be replenished.

If you are rested well, you’ll feel ready to take on whatever you have to in the coming day. However, if you aren’t well-rested, you might have to slog through your day. Everything on your to-do list will be just that much harder to complete. Rest is part of the natural rhythms of life.


Athletes train really hard… and then what? Relax. Then how come entrepreneurs and working class people don’t do the same? Why do we keep working harder? Why do we procrastinate? Why do we try to squeeze so much out of our day without any regard for our body’s well-being and need to relax?

It’s great to be competitive, but think of the example of the wood chopper. Who gets more done? Is it the one who blindly works harder or the one who takes the time to sharpen their saw? If you guessed the one who takes the time to sharpen their saw, you would be right. Don’t forget to stop to sharpen your saw.


If you want to learn the lessons life is trying to teach you, you have to reflect, no exceptions. We often talk about failing and learning from our mistakes, but that learning never happens unless you stop to think about what happened.

Does your study time seem out of proportion to the amount of personal growth you’re currently experiencing (i.e. small return)? Then you, my friend, have a lot of catching up to do. This is why note-taking, documenting and tracking is so important to do. Unless you have something to look back on, you can never measure your progress accurately.


You can only reorient strategically if you take the time to reflect on what’s working, what isn’t, what’s important, what’s not, and so on. But if you never reorient yourself, and tweak your strategies, and try new things, progress might remain just out of reach.

To blindly go forward without a plan is to leave our biggest dreams and goals on the altar of activity. It’s good to be productive, but you have to know what you’re being productive at. Otherwise, how do you track or measure your accomplishments along the way?

Final Thoughts on The 4 Rs

Do you want to have the most productive year you’ve ever had? Then make sure to account for the 4 Rs. Without them, you will never reach your goals.

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David Andrew Wiebe

David Andrew Wiebe

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David Andrew Wiebe