The Quick-Start Guide for Information Age Musicians

The Quick-Start Guide for Information Age MusiciansIt’s the information age, and even though industrial age ideas still seem to crop up in a lot of different places, the “old model” of success in life – going to a good school, getting good grades, getting a good job and getting promoted through the ranks – is all but gone.

These may very well be the steps your parents encouraged you to take growing up, and you might have even heard them in school, but what they don’t know or aren’t telling you is that things have changed. There are new rules for engagement in the information age.

If you refuse to change, you will get left behind. That’s just as true for musicians as it is for anyone else living in these times.

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Here are five things you should start doing immediately to ensure that you continue to adapt, grow, and thrive in the information age:

  1. Choose to stay up-to-date. No one is going to do it for you. Stay on top of trends in the music industry, technology, and business. Don’t be a Blockbuster in the age of Netflix.
  2. Choose to invest in yourself. Put together a personal growth plan. Identify articles and books you’re going to read, podcasts you’re going to listen to, events and seminars you’re going to go to, and mentors you can learn from.
  3. Be willing to try new things. The only people making big money in the music industry right now are in major tech companies or major record labels. Stop trying to protect your music, and start leveraging it!
  4. Embrace entrepreneurship in your creativity. Either learn how to be a better businessperson, or partner up with someone who can help you. You can’t ignore the importance of business if you want to succeed as a musician in the information age.
  5. Be willing to make mistakes. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. New age – new rules. So how can you know whether or not something is going to work for you without even trying it? The answer is you can’t, so don’t be afraid of making mistakes!