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Hey, I’m David Andrew Wiebe.

I’m the Founder & CEO of The Music Entrepreneur HQ.

Are you releasing music that no one listens to, playing shows that no one comes to, making less money than you’re worth? Been there. I created this resource to help people like you.

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“David, thank YOU for your podcast. I’m hearing it every day and I’m already getting results from applying ideas that you mentioned.”
– João Filipe, Amber Foil

Where else will you hear a podcast like this? Probably nowhere.

That’s because most music business podcasts focus on tactics. Social media this. Streaming site that. Funnels and the other.

Tactics are nice to know. But they come and go. And, they do nothing to help you work on your inner game, which is the real difference maker.

If you’re asking yourself why you’d even want to work on your inner game, consider this:

Tony Robbins says 80% of success is psychological. That’s right. Success is 80% mindset, 20% tactical. So, let’s get to work on your inner game. Boom.

The Latest Posts

152 – Burnout in Music is B.S. – Sleep it off!

Is burnout total B.S.? Can you just sleep it off and be on your merry way? In this episode of The New Music Industry Podcast, I share the dangers of burnout and why constantly hustling, and grinding isn’t the way forward in your career or business. Podcast Highlights:...

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151 – Sneak Preview: No Escape EP

You may have heard me reference my “forthcoming EP” a few times and wondered when it was coming out. Well, in this episode of The New Music Industry Podcast, I offer a sneak preview into the No Escape EP, which will be hitting online music stores and streaming...

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Find Your Fans: Using Data to Analyze Your Audience

This post first appeared on Megaphone Agency. In this digital age of music streaming and social media, it is easier than ever to objectively measure an artist’s reach and influence. Whether you like it or not, every social media site and music streaming platform is...

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150 – It’s Not Your Fault

How do you handle challenging situations? What do you do when your life seems to be going sideways? In this episode of The New Music Industry Podcast, I share my reflections from a recent heartbreak. Podcast Highlights: 00:34 – Heartbreak 01:32 – Turning to a mentor...

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Improving Your Life With Automation [INFOGRAPHIC]

Automation can help you systemize your life so you become more effective at what you’re trying to do, be it work, creativity, or anything in between. By “setting and forgetting” a tech process, you can get even more done – without expending any extra effort. With less...

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