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“David, thank YOU for your podcast. I’m hearing it every day and I’m already getting results from applying ideas that you mentioned.”
– João Filipe, Amber Foil

Where else will you hear a podcast like this? Probably nowhere.

That’s because most music business podcasts focus on tactics. Social media this. Streaming site that. Funnels and the other.

Tactics are nice to know. But they come and go. And, they do nothing to help you work on your inner game, which is the real difference maker.

If you’re asking yourself why you’d even want to work on your inner game, consider this:

Tony Robbins says 80% of success is psychological. That’s right. Success is 80% mindset, 20% tactical. So, let’s get to work on your inner game. Boom.

The Latest Posts

3 Effective Ways to Promote Your Music in College

3 Effective Ways to Promote Your Music in College

When you’re tackling studying and exams, it is hard to find the time for other things. But, musicians have a great advantage compared to other students – they have music on their side. They use it for motivation and inspiration, to keep themselves happy and...

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5 Tips for Improving Your Guitar Practice Sessions

5 Tips for Improving Your Guitar Practice Sessions

Learning to play guitar is something almost everyone wants to do once in their life. So, if you are one of those who want to learn to play guitar as quickly as possible, then this post is definitely for you. We are going to offer some tips that will make it easy for...

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Top 5 Sites for DIY Music Education

Top 5 Sites for DIY Music Education

Listening to music makes everyone’s’ day better! You get out of the house; go for a walk and you plug in your earphones. You play your favorite song from your favorite band and you instantly feel better. But do you know what’s cooler and more relaxing than listening...

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5 Ways to Get Musical Inspiration When Songwriting

5 Ways to Get Musical Inspiration When Songwriting

Working in the creative industry is exciting, but sometimes it can be difficult to maintain enthusiasm or a constant stream of inspiration. Writing is a lonesome job; it gives you many emotional ups and downs. Our hard work is not immediately visible as it is with...

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