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Weekly Digest: March 10, 2017

Happy Friday! Between rehearsals, performances, and my regular work schedule, I’ve kept occupied (also see above). How about you? Here’s what I’ve been up to this week. The Music Entrepreneur HQ Featured Stories 031 – Flashes of Elation: Jobs An overwhelming number of...

031 – Flashes of Elation: Jobs

Oh, the dreaded day job. When will you ever break free from it so you can dedicate your time to your creative expression? There are many ways to support your creative work. And sometimes, the work you do as an artist will become self-sustaining. But this is not a...

Weekly Digest: March 3, 2017

(The photo is from The Circle event on Wednesday night. Excellent performance, ladies!) March? Wow, what happened to January and February? I hope you’ve been having a great year so far. I’ve had a lot on my plate, especially as I prepare for an upcoming CD release...

10 Jaw-Dropping Music Industry Stats

The music industry is a bit of an enigma. There isn’t necessarily a reliable way to get hold of the latest stats and studies about the industry. Every year, we hear about revenue numbers as well as growth in streaming and vinyl sales, but other stats, like the number...

030 – Flashes of Elation: Passion

Are you passionate about what you do? Does it help you push forward when things are difficult? Are you in an endless and hopeless pursuit of what your life purpose and passion is supposed to be? Do you believe everything is pre-determined? In this episode of The New...

Weekly Digest: February 24, 2017

I’ve been having some great conversations with industry people this week and reaching out to potential guests for the podcast. I feel like I’m gaining a lot of momentum in my work right now, and that’s exciting. How are things going for you? Let me know in the...

The Songwriter Profession Explained

A songwriter, like any other profession, requires passion, a creative mind, and a penchant for writing. Their main priority is to create songs for artists, bands and other musicians to perform as their own, while retaining the credit for coming up with the piece in...

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