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How often do you send emails?

Currently, I send about two emails per week.

Things are always subject to change, of course, but I don’t want to spam you. My intention is always to add value, create and share possibilities with you.

You matter to me more than you know, and the fact that you’re thinking about joining our email list means the world to me.

What types of emails do you send?

Again, I’m always changing things up, but I usually send one of four types of emails:

  • Newsletters. I like to send weekly newsletters discussing “10 things”. It’s a popular format but it works for me because I’m always up to something.
  • Updates. Generally, I like to share the latest podcast episode. I’m always working on growing my podcast audience, so I love sharing the latest episodes.
  • Announcements. I like to share announcements regarding webinars, books, courses, membership and other opportunities.
  • Tips and advice. I don’t share advice all the time, but when I do, it’s quality stuff.

Can I share your emails with my friends?

Of course! I recommend that you do. None of us build a successful career or business on our own. It takes a village. I want you to be a part of that village and begin creating and impacting your own villages. Let’s get going!

So, what exactly do you do again?

I help people create expanded results in their music careers and business using the power of words. For help with personal coaching, workshops, ghostwriting, article writing, bio writing, songwriting, product and music reviews, co-authorship, voiceover work, video game style compositions or session requests, join our mailing list and start interacting with me.

David Andrew Wiebe
Founder & CEO of The Music Entrepreneur HQ
Creating Wealth with Words

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