Automation can help you systemize your life so you become more effective at what you’re trying to do, be it work, creativity, or anything in between. By “setting and forgetting” a tech process, you can get even more done – without expending any extra effort.

With less time and energy devoted to mundane activities, you can be motivated to pursue your passions, be more productive, and focus on things that matter to you. All it requires is the simple tap of a button (and an app or two) to optimize your entire life.For easy ways to automate every part of your life, check out this infographic from Turbo:
How to Automate Every Part of Your Life

The Music Entrepreneur

The Matrix, Music Man guitars, Gibson acoustics, Wegen picks, Border Collies, good books, a laptop, a bit of blogging, and a side dish of beauty. What else is there, really? Oh, right music entrepreneurship. That ol’ thing? It’s in our wheelhouse.
The Music Entrepreneur