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The Essential Guide to Music Entrepreneurship
What is music entrepreneurship? Why does it matter?
The New Music Industry
My first book features a comprehensive marketing plan for artists in the digital age.
Flashes of Elation
A collection of essays exploring the many challenges artists encounter.
How to Record, Promote & Sell Your New Music Release – Single, EP, or Album
How to Record, Promote & Sell Your New Music Release
A detailed guide on how to get your recording project off the ground, publish it, promote it, and sell it.
62 Exercises, Drills, Solos and Tips for Guitarists
62 Exercises, Drills, Solos and Tips for Guitarists
Perfect for beginner, intermediate, and developing guitarists.
Legacy Podcast Bundle
Download the original 150+ podcast episodes. Pay what you want.

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An introduction to the tools I use in my music career and business.
Learn the soft and inner skills you need to be a more confident musician.

Ditto offers many wonderful services and products for musicians, including Record Label In A Box.

A music distribution service that will help you get your music out to 720 million listeners in China.
Guitar Pro is one of my favorite tools for creating and playing tabs.
Stop operating without a strategy and start earning a monthly recurring income from your music.

Do you wish you could have Nashville session musicians play on your recording? Now it’s easier than ever with Nashville For Hire.

An incredible tool for artist and tour management as well as tour funding. All this and more in one central location.

You know how I like to repurpose content, right? This is the tool that allows me to set this process on autopilot.
This is my secret weapon for building my email list.
Why settle for one design when you can evaluate and choose from many? Use 99designs for all your branding needs.

My favorite, ultra-fast web host. Better than most other well-promoted alternatives,

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WordPress themes built specifically for musicians. I use one of their themes on my artist website.