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David Andrew Wiebe - 2016

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Hey, I’m David Andrew Wiebe.

I started writing songs at 14, learned the thrill and excitement of performance at 15, and began learning the guitar at 17. I even released my first solo album in 2006.

It seemed like all was well with the world, but…

By 2011:

  • I had been written out of the history of bands I was once a part of.
  • I had been burned by a producer that sabotaged the recording of my second solo album that was due out in 2009.
  • I had an important concert ruined by people that were supposed to be supporting me.
  • I was working five part-time jobs, doing project work on the side, and still falling behind on bill payments.
  • I was behind on my mortgage payments and in financial desperation.
  • I had the worst roommate imaginable, and he was barely paying rent.
  • Nothing was working – I was ready to throw in the towel and call it “quits” on music and life. One day after church, I went to lunch with a friend and was crying on the steering wheel of my car because of how everything had gone sideways.


  • I’m involved in a couple of bands that are gaining more and more traction by the day – Adrenalize and Long Jon Lev. I’ve made multiple TV appearances as well.
  • I’ve self-published a music industry book (called The New Music Industry) that has been well-received by musicians and industry people alike. I was even invited to speak at WordCamp YYC in 2016!
  • I release new singles on a monthly basis and have a lot of fun doing it.
  • I work almost entirely from home, earning mid-five figures as a freelancer and entrepreneur (a good chunk of it is from the music industry too!). I’m not a millionaire or anything, but it feels great to be where I’m at.
  • I have a flexible schedule and can decide what days I want to work and take off.
  • I’m financially stable and have over six months’ expenses saved. I also have a solid plan for my financial future.
  • Things are on the up and up. I’m in the midst of achieving better balance in my life, I love what I do and have big goals to work towards.

How Did This Transformation Happen?

Well, it didn’t happen overnight, I can assure you of that.

In fact, I continued to make poor decisions long after I had gotten out of debt the first time (I’m almost out of debt for the second time).

But the lessons I learned along the way were invaluable, and anybody that puts their mind to it could achieve these results faster than I was ever able to.

Interested in learning more about my story? Want to find out what I did to get to where I’m at? Want the flexibility to be able to create and make music on your own terms?

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