I make books and courses, hold live events, offer one-on-one coaching and PR services for musicians, music entrepreneurs, and creatives.

About The Music Entrepreneur HQ

Here are a four things I offer musicians, creatives, and entrepreneurs just like you:

  • Products: eBooks, books, and courses to help you take your career to the next level. We have products that cover various aspects of entrepreneurship and using business principles to build your career, how to successfully promote and market your music to generate more awareness and sales, overcoming creative challenges and becoming more effective and productive, as well as how to play the guitar.
  • Coaching: One-on-one coaching for musicians and music entrepreneurs. Do you qualify? Click on the link and fill out the survey to find out if you’re ready for my paid consulting services.
  • Live events: Opportunities to learn valuable information and get answers to your pressing questions.
  • PR campaigns: Customized PR campaigns to help your news get more exposure.
David was instrumental in bringing my career to a point where I was living off my freelance work. He gladly answered my questions, connected me with his contacts, and we have remained in touch and worked together ever since. David is a total pro. Liam Duncan

Writer for Canadian Music, Freelance Musician with The Middlecoast, Michael Bernard Fitzgerald, and others

About David Andrew Wiebe

Hi, I’m David Andrew Wiebe, founder of The Music Entrepreneur, and author of The New Music Industry: Adapting, Growing, and Thriving in The Information Age. I’m also working on my upcoming book, Flashes of Elation: Navigating the World as a Sensitive, Creative Soul. I’ve been creating content for the web since 1998, and I’ve been podcasting since 2009. My music career has spanned 14 years to date, and I also have 5 years of business experience in tow.

I’m currently playing with the bands Long Jon Lev and Adrenalize. I also make my own music when I have the time. Last year I released four new singles.

And in case you’re wondering what I’m working on this moment, here’s my Now page. If you’d like to learn a little more about my story, start here.

David Andrew Wiebe - June 2016

Photo courtesy: Catstar Images

David has his finger on the pulse of what it means to be a musician in this day and age. He is optimistic without being impractical. He says everything that everybody should be saying on the subject but isn’t. You would be doing yourself a disservice not reading his words. Corey Koehler

Entrepreneur, Musicgoat

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When you get to know David Andrew Wiebe, you will see he wants to help people in his humble way and show people the nice guy can finish first!

Maveen Kaura

Entrepreneur, Discover Your Life Today

What You Can Expect To Find On This Website

I am Calgary’s only music entrepreneur consultant (to my knowledge). It was in 2011 that I first recognized the value of entrepreneurship in building a music career.

When I create content for this site, my main focus is various aspects of building a profitable and sustainable music career. Every once in a while, I also create content on other topics.

My goal is to create tools and resources that will help you build a profitable music career by taking a business-based approach to it.

These days I’m posting once per week, but sometimes I post more frequently than that. If you’d like to get updated when I share something new on the blog, make sure to subscribe via email. It’s painless, and you can unsubscribe at any time.

It seems like every time I read one of your articles, I always finish it nodding my head in agreement.

Michael Hill

Musician, Septembryo

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