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David Andrew Wiebe, music consultantTeachers aren’t just instructors – they are meant to be protectors, motivators, guides, coaches… They are meant to lead the way and help people experience meaningful breakthroughs in their lives. They are meant to be signposts on the journeys others take. That’s what I believe, and that’s why I do what I do.

I grew up watching other teachers, preachers, and presenters thinking to myself, “I could do a better job than them.”

And, as I neared graduation in college, I began to see just how ill-equipped I was for the “real world.”

In grade three, I had a teacher who kept me after school to work on math. I remember getting frustrated with him, and him with me. And as he became more irritated, he would tap me on the head with his pen, trying to drill his teachings into my skull.

In grade seven and eight, I had one of the worst experiences of my life with a social studies teacher who was also the basketball coach – and I was a part of the basketball club. He would teach through intimidation, bullying, and abuse.

And when I say abuse, I saw him shout at kids, push them around, pull their hair, throw basketballs at them, or worse. Even I was pushed around and hit over the head with a stack of papers from time to time.

I was horrified the day my dad decided to confront that teacher in person, though I greatly admired his courage and sense of justice. Things did get a bit better after that meeting, but being a sensitive kid, it was tough to be in. And I was still subjected to considerable shouting and intimidation, even after that teacher had been warned.

These are just some of the experiences that shaped my childhood and the person I’ve become. I’ve had some great experiences with teachers and coaches too, but early on, the bad ones tended to outweigh the good ones.

And, today, when I think about the fact that education systems are getting rid of arts programs, my stomach turns.

The arts were such a critical part of my education. They offered me something nothing else could. They showed me I could be good at something outside of everything else schools seemed to value most – math, science, social studies, and language arts.

Out in the real world, I believe creativity and life skills are more important than any of these subjects. Having started multiple businesses, I can tell you from experience that creativity, people skills, money management, and leadership are among the most important skills I’ve developed. That’s why I help others develop those skills.

How Can I Help?

Not everyone coming here is looking for the same thing. I’m sure you would agree with that.

That’s why The Music Entrepreneur HQ offers many products and services that cater to different needs and personalities.

If you aren’t sure what you need right now, you’re more than welcome to email me and I’d be happy to point you in the right direction for free.

Here’s what we offer right now that can help you with your music career or business:

  • Some of you just need to sink your teeth into some good resources. For you, we’ve put together meaty books and courses to devour.
  • Some of you need some one-on-one time to sort out your thoughts and determine what your next steps in your career should be. For you, we offer one-on-one coaching.
  • Some of you would like to connect with a community of likeminded people. For you, we have some great live events.

Again, if you need help, just email me and I will help you get started.

What People Are Saying About The Music Entrepreneur HQ & David Andrew Wiebe

David, thank YOU for your podcast. I’m hearing it every day and I’m already getting results from applying ideas that you mentioned.

João Filipe

Musician, Amber Foil

David was instrumental in bringing my career to a point where I was living off my freelance work. He gladly answered my questions, connected me with his contacts, and we have remained in touch and worked together ever since. David is a total pro.

Liam Duncan

Writer for Canadian Music, Freelance Musician with The Middlecoast, Michael Bernard Fitzgerald, and others

David has his finger on the pulse of what it means to be a musician in this day and age. He is optimistic without being impractical. He says everything that everybody should be saying on the subject but isn’t. You would be doing yourself a disservice not reading his words.

Corey Koehler

Entrepreneur, Musicgoat

When you get to know David Andrew Wiebe, you will see he wants to help people in his humble way and show people the nice guy can finish first!

Maveen Kaura

Entrepreneur, Discover Your Life Today

It seems like every time I read one of your articles, I always finish it nodding my head in agreement.

Michael Hill

Musician, Septembryo