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This eBook discusses, in detail, the steps involved in recording an album. If you’re recording for the first time, you probably have many questions that need answering.

This resource offers insights into how much an album costs, how long it takes to record, whether to make demo recordings before going into the studio, how to order your tracks, and much more.

Also included: a simple online strategy you can follow to sell more music.

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David Andrew Wiebe

David Andrew Wiebe

Founder & CEO

David Andrew Wiebe is the founder of The Music Entrepreneur HQ, author of the highly-acclaimed The New Music Industry: Adapting, Growing, and Thriving in The Information Age book and host of The New Music Industry Podcast. An accomplished musician himself, Wiebe continues to perform and release new music. He also has several new books and courses in the works.  Learn more about David Andrew Wiebe here

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The Music Entrepreneur HQ Helps People Like You Get Results

David, thank YOU for your podcast. I’m hearing it every day and I’m already getting results from applying ideas that you mentioned.

João Filipe

Musician, Amber Foil

David has his finger on the pulse of what it means to be a musician in this day and age. He is optimistic without being impractical. He says everything that everybody should be saying on the subject but isn’t. You would be doing yourself a disservice not reading his words.

Corey Koehler

Entrepreneur, Musicgoat

David Andrew Wiebe is the king of internet music marketing and, most importantly, social networking platforms.

Scott Kirby

CEO & Founder, Music Revolt

David was instrumental in bringing my career to a point where I was living off my freelance work. He gladly answered my questions, connected me with his contacts, and we have remained in touch and worked together ever since. David is a total pro.

Liam Duncan

Writer for Canadian Music, Freelance Musician with The Middlecoast, Michael Bernard Fitzgerald, and others

It seems like every time I read one of your articles, I always finish it nodding my head in agreement.

Michael Hill

Musician, Septembryo

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